Sunday, February 28, 2010


With all sincerity, I have to say that this was one of the best weeks I've ever had - at least since I was an adult.
1. Leatherface in Toronto at Wrongbar - this show was jam packed with diehard fans, including many old friends who I had not seen since the summer I met Rob (almost 12 years ago). So, the air was electric, and the band was tapped into this, I think. They played a really good, long set, and the crowd screamed and jumped along with every word. It was the best show I've seen in my life. I had that feeling, like when I was a teen, of being completely overwhelmed and blissed out. All of the new songs were well-recieved, and it was a dream come true to see Frankie and to be in his presence, doing the thing he does. We stayed late, and we laughed a lot. It was amazing.
2. Leatherface in St. Catherines at L3 - I took the bus home on Tuesday, and then got into the car to see the band again with Rob. This show was different; the point at which the crowd was largest was when Fucked Up played -- and they were terrible. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but the lead singer was such an asshole that I couldn't watch past two or three songs. It made me realize how much I need a melody in my punk music, and to understand at least some of the lyrics. Who gave these guys an award??? But one of my oldest, dearest friends came to this show, and I played pool with a new dear friend for a few hours, muddling through my version of British rules ("TWO SHOTS") and humiliating myself with my lack of skill and witty reparte. I made new friends, and an offer to help out some folks if they need it, and suddenly felt like I'd been invited on the boat.
3. Leatherface in Toronto at the Bovine Sex Club - pints at a pub before the show, plenty of hang time with friends before LF went on, and visits with even more people who I had not seen for a while. Sinkin' Ships played acoustically, which is my favorite way to see them play, but their set was far too short. And then LF played again, and it was a very different experience, especially after seeing them in St. Catherines. There is an intimacy with the Toronto crowd, even when Mark buys them a round of shots and it all goes pear-shaped. When the show ended we travelled to the Sinkin' Ships practice space and spent hours talking shit and strumming guitars, turning each other into Rock Gods (although really, I just pressed myself against the sofa and took it all in).
4. My last scheduled shift at Ulrich's included two of my favorite groups of people - no one was rude to me and I was tipped relatively well. I don't think there were any problems at all. Most importantly, my life as a waitress is over.
5. Powder Keg weekend in Buffalo. It has been snowing like a mo-fo, but this is exactly what the city needs at the moment. Finley & I made snow forts, and then I engaged in some puddle-engineering with an old friend - it felt like fourth grade spring melt up north, digging channels and re-routing the water that was filling the streets which were clogged with slush. I went for dinner with two friends, and then Finley, Rob and I went downtown later in the evening to see the glowing ice maze, and to throw snowballs at each other - all in all, a great night.

My life is good. I'm surrounded by supportive, creative, interesting and kind people almost all of the time, and I need to be grateful for them more often than I am.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sense of loss

I've been losing things lately -- people, more than things. Cancer continues to chip away at my demographic, mental illness steals relationships, and other folks just drift from us without notice or reason... But 2009 was also a year of reunions, and grand ones at that. This August I found myself back in the warmth of one of my dearest friends, in one of my dearest places, with Rob there to enjoy it. I guess the people worth worrying about and hanging on to are always there, and other friendships are meant to fade... Perhaps some of this adopted larger American family will not sever ties completely, and will let us know when we're needed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Your Guide to Christine Wy: Germfinger

Your Guide to Christine Wy: Germfinger
Two things:
winter coats - why does no one else wash winter coats when their kids have spilled down the front, or their own has that dark ring of dirt around the collar, wrist bands, or near the zipper... I wash winter coats obsessively, concerned that people will see a smudge on my kids and accuse me of neglect.

black gunk - how does no one see the BLANK GUNK BUILD UP on their keyboards or mouses. I'm not a germophobe, but when your filth has accumulated to being sticky sludge on your every day items, like handrails or light switches... do something about it.

I wish you worked in my office. You're like the shoe-maker's elves, secretly doing the work that we wish we would do ourselves.

BTW - Would you vaccuum my dog hair for me?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

baby steps (or micromanagment - you choose)

Goals for the day:
1. Mark at least 10 of my students' website analysis papers
2. Read for political ecology for one hour
3. Read for theory for one hour
(both 2 & 3 have papers that will have to be written eventually...)
4. Work on thesis for one hour. Without tears.
5. Set up a paypal account
6. Email someone in government about getting a job in Belize.

7. Contact kids' school to find out why it is okay for my son to be called Cracker, Whitehead, and Whitey, when such racialized and derogatory language should not be permitted. I guess this is bullying, right? He tries to take the high road, poor little guy, and wasn't talking about this hurtful language, but when his teacher sent him home to ask parents about the inauguration & Rob suggested that we've come so far recently in terms of moving beyond ideas of race, Finley started to cry and said that this was not his experience.

8. Walk my big dog despite the bone-chilling cold outside. When will the deep freeze come to an end?

I think that's about it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I should be dog sitting the cutest little pup this weekend, and then our potential-dog for a trial over the holidays. I think I could make a dog happy... and if there was a dog in the house, we would need a bigger yard (YAY BIG RED!!) and would also have a reason to shout at the children about leaving things on the floor. At the moment those are just things on the floor, but with a dog... well, everything would change. I'm hoping to walk trial dog this weekend too.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rob's funny

Anyone who knows me probably knows Rob too. And you would be familiar with his very bizarre sense of humour. Right now it cracks me up when he is 3 floors up on the scaffolding outside our house, knocking on windows as though he were on the ground knocking on the door. "Oh hello," he'll say when I finally get to the window. "Could I please have a..." oh he makes me laugh!! goofball.